Red Ribbon Week Kicks Off Today in New Providence

New Providence is joining the Municipal Alliance and local schools this week in celebrating Red Ribbon Week by displaying ribbons around the borough.

Don't be surprised if you see bright red ribbons tethered to trees throughout New Providence this week.

Red Ribbon Week, which begins today and ends on Oct. 26 in New Providence, was started in 1988 by a group of parents who began wearing red satin badges in memory of Enrique Camarena, a Federal Drug Enforcement Administration Agent who was killed in the line of duty.

"As a result, in 1989 the red ribbon became a united symbol of commitment to create a drug-free America, showing a nation’s intolerance to alcohol and drug abuse," Mayor J. Brooke Hern said at a recent Council meeting, reading from the Council's Red Ribbon Week Proclamation that was presented to Councilman Bob Robinson, Liaison to the Alliance. "The Municipal Alliance of the Borough of New Providence, whose mandate includes spreading the message of drug and alcohol abuse prevention, has coordinated borough and school participation by sponsoring Red Ribbon Week."

Through the efforts of the Municipal Alliance and the schools this week, Hern said the Borough of New Providence will join the nation’s celebration of Red Ribbon Week by displaying red ribbons throughout the Borough at the Municipal Center, in the business district, at schools and at places of worship.

Hern is asking all residents to join in a personal commitment to a drug-free America by wearing and displaying red ribbons this week.


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