The Launching Years: Parenting Your Teen Towards a Successful College Transition & Beyond

On Monday, May 19th, the New Providence Alliance to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse will sponsor a presentation at New Providence High School: The Launching Years - Parenting Your Teen Toward a Successful College Transition and Beyond.  This one hour presentation by Maureen P. Tillman, LCSW, will inform parents about what college life is like today and what to expect during the freshman year. Tips for recognizing and coping with stressors, anxiety and depression will be discussed. Issues important to consider for parents who have teens with learning disabilities, and/or ADD/ADHD will also be addressed. With this information, parents will understand how to help their teens build confidence and competence for the challenges of college and gain the crucial life skills that will serve them well in their college years and beyond.

Maureen P. Tillman, LCSW is a psychotherapist in New Jersey with over 35 years of experience, specializing in the treatment of individuals and families as they navigate life transitions.  She has created unique educational presentations that have been delivered to parents, mental health professionals, school systems, physicians, and college consultants to alert them to the challenges that students and parents face during the transition from high school into college.

The Launching Years - Parenting Your Teen Toward a Successful College Transition & Beyond will be held at 7:30 PM in the New Providence High School Chorus Room, 35 Pioneer Drive, New Providence.    


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