Movies to See: Aliens and Animals with Prometheus and Madagascar 3

Prometheus and Madagascar 3 are showing in Union County starting June 8.

The much anticipated Prometheus — at least for fans of Alien and Aliens — hits theaters this Friday, but locals who are becoming numb to the weekly pounding of action, action, action will be happy to hear that there is also a little variety in movie debuts this week.

But first, Prometheus. Yes, there is lots of action and amazing special effects. Prometheus has been called an Alien prequel. So along the potential of creepy, giant insect-like creatures bursting from human flesh, we will also get lots of moments of chills and suspense. Plus, viewers can enjoy the very hot Michael Fassbender, who seems contractually obligated to appear in every film in 2011 and 2012, as well as Noomi Rapace, the Swedish star of the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film. Then there's Charlize Theron, who's also having a stellar year and will be competing with her own blockbuster, , in which her scenery-chewing performance has helped propel that film to box office success.

Prometheus has garnered a 73% critics' rating from Rotten Tomatoes and a 97% audience "want to see" rating. Rotten Tomatoes says the film has haunting visuals and compelling performances.

But Theron and slimy aliens aside, parents and young children will be delighted to find that there is something PG-rated to take the whole family to view — FINALLY! (Well, besides the delightful and underappreciated .)

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted provides a non-violent, age-appropriate romp, as the penguins and their less interesting cohorts go on some madcap adventures and uncork some hairbrained schemes through familiar European landmarks and stereotypes.

Rotten Tomatoes gives Madagascar 3 a 77% critics' rating and  93% audience "want to see" rating.

Madagascar 3 and Prometheus are showing at the Rialto Theatre of Westfield, the AMC Loews Mountainside 10, Union Theaters and AMC Aviation 12. See showtimes here.

They are also showing at Clearview's Beacon Hill Cinema 5 in Summit; see showtimes here.


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