Men in Black III Invades Local Theaters

The latest summer blockbuster opens Friday, May 25. It's playing at the Rialto Digiplex, AMC Loews Mountainside, Clearview's Beacon Hill Cinema 5, and more.

If you haven't yet had your fill of action and special effects with , , and more, the latest summer blockbuster is hitting local theaters May 25.

Men in Black III returns Agents J and K to action 10 years after the last sequel and 15 years after the original.

Reviews are generally positive if not glowing.

The highlight of the film?

"For all the millions of dollars spent on digital astonishments in 'Men in Black 3,' the film’s most remarkable special effect is an analog one," writes Ty Burr of the Boston Globe. "It’s the carbon-based Josh Brolin, who plays a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’s Agent K with an uncanny replication of the older actor’s bearing and vocal mannerisms. Brolin’s performance is funny, masterful, confident, and more than a little unsettling. If one human being can sample another, that’s what’s going on here."

Read Burr's full review here.

But the rest of the film, while fun and satisfactory, doesn't seem to live up to the promise of Brolin's performance.

Bill Goodykoontz of The Republic writes, "The good news is that it's better than the second 'Men in Black.' The bad news is: not all that much. There are a couple of clever ideas, a few funny moments, a wealth of computer-generated special effects. But it's hollow at its core, and the asides have lost some of their spark."

Read Goodykoontz's full review here.

Still, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are always winning, the action is fun, the aliens are clever and the time travel motif adds an interesting new twist.

And, heck, it's Smith's first film in four years. That alone is worth the price of admission for the Fresh Prince's fans.

Watch the IGN video movie review on aol.com here.

Men in Black III is playing at the , the , Union Theaters, AMC Aviation 12 in Linden, and in Summit. Find showtimes here.


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