Readers' Choice: Name Your Favorite Chinese Restaurant

Whether you need dinner in a hurry or just wanted to snack on some dumplings, where do you go for your favorite Chinese food?

It's dinnertime and you've got no time to cook. So you go to the "menu drawer" looking for options. Italian? Just had pizza. Burgers? No from the vegan corner of the dining room. Then, the option everyone can agree on: Chinese food!

There are many options, requiring just one order. From spare ribs to dumplings, Egg Foo Young to Cashew Chicken, sesame noodles to fried rice, you can always find a variety of items to make even the pickiest eater happy.

So, cast your ballot — and leave a comment telling us what makes your favorite place so great. We're getting hungry just thinking about this contest so share your pick for the go-to spot in Chinese food and we'll get ready to sample the winner's specialties.


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