Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Place Opens in Berkeley Heights

Yoguccino Cafe offers 24 varieties, free Wi-Fi and iPad use.

If you like strawberry, they have strawberry. If you like chocolate, that one's a given. But say you want something a little more exotic — something a little less common like peach pie or red velvet. Well there's a new place in Berkeley Heights to satisfy your cravings.

Yoguccino Cafe offers 24 varieties of frozen yogurt, including salted pretzel and Cinnabun, to fill a flavor void in Berkeley Heights. And owners Steven Guastamacchia and Stephen DeMaria are confident that their varieties — as unique as they are — is exactly what Berkeley Heights was missing.

“We are very happy to be bringing a different level of self-serve yogurt to this area,” DeMaria said.

With the “tremendous” opening of the yogurt cafe last week, the owners and brother-in-laws are confident that their new business will be a hit among Berkeley Heights residents after a successful first week. More than 300 people filled the café, with yogurt flowing reflecting against the mirrored and sparkly walls covering the dispenser wall.

There are even rumors of expansion happening but owners won't dish on plans until the business solidifies itself as a staple in town. But it's not farfetched, they said.

And how do they plan to make their mark on town? It's the options they offer, they said, that will keep patrons coming back. A customer would have to come back hundreds of times to have every flavor combination the shop offers. But providing free WiFi and iPads for customer's use and an assortment of cakes and desserts in addition to self-serve might keep them for a long time.

Resident Jacqueline Martin said Yoguccino's going to become an instant classic because of the "craving factor."

"I'm going to think about it, realize that all I want is frozen yogurt and come in for a huge cup," she said. "It's already happened. I've already started craving it, and I bet it will happen again!"

Yoguccino is located at 442 Springfield Ave. in Berkeley Heights.


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