Photos: Halloween Cancelled? Not For Children in New Providence

Numerous families attended a last minute Trunk-or-Treating on Central Avenue in New Providence yesterday, which was organized by moms through email, text messages.

For the second year in a row, a huge storm hit our area right before Halloween and threatened to cancel the festivities yet again.

While Gov. Chris Christie may have postponed Halloween for the entire state in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, that didn’t stop a group of New Providence moms from organizing an impromptu Trunk-or-Treating for the town's youngsters, brightening up a powerless, frustrating day.

While no one will take individual credit for coming up with the ghostly gathering in the parking lot of the former A&P on Central Avenue, one thing is for sure — word got out fast and to a lot of residents.

“Moms just started sending emails and text messages to each other, saying we’re not going to have Halloween cancelled this year,” said New Providence resident Cara Policarpio. “It was cancelled last year. So we decided to get together and stay off of school properties.”

Policarpio said the parking lot, which has 12 rows with numerous parking spaces in each, was completely packed.

“There had to have been 150 cars. I have four kids so I know a lot of people in town. There were people here I didn’t recognize,” she explained. “There were relatives and people from the shore up here.”

Residents Kathy Marzynski and Jessica Walsh said they didn't know what to expect at the Trunk-or-Treating, but were pleasantly surprised by the turnout.

“The minivan over there was a haunted minivan and they decorated the inside and the kids got to walk through the back,” Marzynski said. “Only in New Providence, right?”

Residents parked when they could, where you could. Some cars had to wait for others to leave just to find a parking spot.

Children were dressed up in costumes that ranged from super heros, princesses and football players to zombies, witches, and even condiments. Parents also got into the spirit by dressing up and decorating their trunks with whatever Halloween décor they had on hand. Even some of New Providence's canine companions were in costume.

Children walked with their parents to each trunk to collect some Halloween sweets and snacks.

“I am amazed and delighted to see the teamwork and commitment that these parents made for their kids,” said New Providence resident Lynn O’Neill. “This is an event that kids will talk about for many years to come. So proud to be a part of this amazing community.”

Take a look at our photo gallery above. Did you partake in the trunk-or-treating in New Providence yesterday? If so, please add some of your photos to our gallery!

Sabrina ciblia November 02, 2012 at 07:39 PM
when will Halloween be for god sake! I'm only a kid who wants to have Halloween just tell us!!!!!! Yes or no


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