'BACK The BAC' Announces Voter Initiative Drive in Berkeley Heights

If Berkeley Heights Council refuses to amend Sewer Service agreement, Township will designate date for special election for voters to decide if agreement should be changed.

Editor's Note: Patch apologies for any confusion caused by posting this press release from Beckerman Public Relations, representing the Berkeley Aquatic Club. As noted below, this was identified as a release from a private organization. It does not represent the views of Patch. However, to further clarify that it is a release, we have categorized it now as an Opinion piece. Patch plans to continue to cover this issue, as we have in the past, and represent all voices. Any community member in opposition to the BAC is welcome to share their thoughts in the comments section below or email a Letter to the Editor to caitlin.mahon@patch.com.

On Wednesday, Jim Wood, the President and Founder of the Berkeley Aquatic Club, route: {:controller=>"listings", :action=>"show", :id=>"berkeley-aquatic-club-swim-school"} -->, Inc. and Principal in the

Thomas Hansen September 29, 2012 at 09:15 AM
The spreading of true information is not "forcing." Abiding by local, state, and national laws is not "forcing."
Richard Brindle September 29, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Richard Brindle Berkelry Aquatic's proposed facility was presented to Warren Twsp. as a " Recreational Swim Facility" since , according to their attorney "swimming is a recreation" and a recreational facility is allowed. The truth is, swimming is a competative sport activity and the proposed facility is a training and competition facility. The main pool is a 50 meter 10 lane pool that was used for the Olympic swim team trials in 2004. Next to it will be a warm up pool so the competition pool does not have to be shut down to allow for warm ups .Next to the pools is a room shown on the site plan as a "3700 sq ft team staging area" . Why does a "recreational swim club" need this? It does not, but a training and competation center does. Mr. Woods stated in Warren that he would hold 30 to 40 swim meets a year with about 400 competitors. If you have 400 competitors show up for a sporting event at 10 AM, they start arriving at around 9. Mr. Woods has 200 or so parking spaces planned and and his traffic study says 137 cars per hour, and a 1 lane entrance to the facility. Do you belive 400 participants and their families and spectators are going to arrive in 137 cars? What happens when the 400 plus cars are on Hillcrest Rd , Rt 78 and Emerson Lane and have no where to go. Rt78 and Hillcrest Rd. is a dangerous as it is now. Find out the facts and the truth about what BAC really is and it's impact .Do not believe their paid propigandists and their misinformation. LOOK AT THE FACTS!
Tom Maciejewski September 29, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Look ... this will DESTROY the neighborhood. It was done through Backdoor politics funded by interstate money. Why was that property purchased and not one that was zoned for commercial use and that wouldnt destroy a neighborhood. The argument that some BH people may use the pool is 100% irrelevant. This monstrosity that is proposed is mainly for interstate competitions. There is plenty of commercial property around. Why choose a quiet wooded community for the location? Because it was cheap since it was not zoned for commercial use? Does it end up being cheaper to get lawyers in to bully the BH municipality than to buy commercial property where this could be set up correctly without HURTING a whole bunch of FAMILIES. If you think that the argument is all about if BH people would use some MONSTROSITY ... you have missed the point and are more out of touch than one would think. Otherwise you are trying to divert the backdoor, bullying politics that is going on by switching the topic to something else.
Tom Maciejewski September 29, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Why not get some commercial property. How did Lifetime Athletics get some local Commercial property? Lifetime Athletics has roughly the same size facilities as what you are proposing. How did they get the land without backdoor politics and destroying a quiet, wooded, totally residencial neighborhood? This all comes down to $$$ ... Please we are just asking the BAC to be responsible and do the right thing. Just get some commercial property in the area. It is not about if we want a Enormous interstate training facility here or not ... it is all about your choice of location and the bullying that is going on. How about down the street. I hear that whole Citibank complex will be avail soon. There is a plethera of commercial property avail. there are many articles like this: http://www.wnyc.org/articles/wnyc-news/2010/aug/23/commercial-real-estate-next-economic-shock/ So you cant tell me that there is no commercial property avail. Why kill a neighborhood? Why destroy 50 acres of forest when so much available commercially developed land exists? Why bring in interstate money to fund an aggressive campaign to bully around a local municipality? Why not do what other responsible businesses do?
Tom Maciejewski September 29, 2012 at 03:52 PM
On top of converting a wooded quiet neighborhood into a overlit, concrete and pavement commercial property, I have also been worried about all of the transient traffic that will be brought into the neighborhood. There are lots of children that live around here and who knows who will be coming in. Who is going to pay for all of the extra security that will be needed?


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