Letter to the Editor: BAC Facility Does Not Belong On Emerson Lane

Emerson Lane resident Denise Foy says BAC's proposed facility shouldn't be built in any residential neighborhood because it will negatively impact quality of life for local families.

To the Editor:

There is no question that the residents of Emerson Lane and the side streets near the border of Warren would be adversely affected if the BAC is allowed to move forward with such a large, commercial complex (Vote Sought on Aquatic Center, 9/19/2012, Independent Press).  

The residents of Berkeley Heights being asked to sign the petition being circulated about the sewer should pause before signing and consider how they would feel if someone proposed a 51,000 square foot structure in their backyard. 

This has never been about the mission of the facility.  This has always been about location and quality of life for families in the residential area where this has been proposed.

The sewer agreement between Berkeley Heights and Warren was limited to residential use consistent with the area.  Instead of pushing to transfer sewer capacity to Warren for commercial use, perhaps BAC supporters should find a non-residential area for the facility where it can be embraced by the community. 

Come visit our neighborhood — Emerson Lane, Rogers Avenue, North Avenue —and you will see kids playing, people walking their dogs, and NOT ONE sign of commercial development.  No matter how you look at it, a gigantic commercial training facility does not belong.  Such a large facility has no place in any residential neighborhood — yours or mine. 

Please don’t sign the petition.  Think of the families in the immediate area and show your support for them.


Denise Foy

438 Emerson Lane

Berkeley Heights, NJ 


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