Letter to the Editor: Donations Needed To Pay Down GL Turf Field Debt

Payments are still being made for Governor Livingston Turf Field, funded by a loan taken out by the Highlander Foundation. Donations are needed from community members.

Do you remember the old field at Governor Livingston High School… the mud field, that is? If you have kids that recently graduated high school or college, you probably do. 

Memories of muddy football games, complete with numerous injuries, cancelled band pageants, graduations held indoors… ah yes, the not so good old days.   

For today’s families, the GL field has been home to both PAL and travel football, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey as well as the Berkeley Heights Soccer Club and Chiefs Lacrosse teams.   

Both Governor Livingston students and athletes use the field, in addition to fabulous band pageants, Relay for Life, and Columbia and GL graduations. All of these events happen without coming home with mud caked shoes or cleats.

Today’s field is a fabulous multi-purpose facility enjoyed by both Berkeley Heights and Mountainside communities. The Turf Field project started with a small group of parents who formed the Highlander Foundation. Its sole purpose was to create a safe field for community use. 

In partnership with others, the project was completed and has been a source of enjoyment ever since. But the funds needed to pay for the project are not completed. 

In order to expedite the field's construction, a loan was taken out. Loan payments are still necessary and the Highlander Foundation still needs our support.  

As a parent whose children have benefited by the generosity and hard work of those who came before us, I’m asking all community members for their help. 

The Highlander Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible. Please support them today by sending a contribution to the address below.

While the turf field might have seemed like a luxury at the onset, it has become the norm throughout the area.  Six years ago, the Highlander Foundation started something that truly made a difference… Let's keep that spirit alive with our support!

Thank you,

Lisa Smith


Donation  Information:

Highlander Foundation (tax I.D. # 204408477)

C/O Barbera and Barbera

70 Floral Ave.

Murray Hill, NJ 07974

Diane Thomas October 12, 2012 at 12:23 PM
With regard to the implication that the turf field at GL could be considered a luxury. My grandchildren in the state of MD play sports on town teams with facilities containing turf fields, lights, announcement buildings, and snack bars. Never mind the school facilities. We need to get the turf at GL paid off and move on to getting lights too. NJ prides itself in it's schools. Time to play catchup!


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