A Cow on the Run, a Bowling Ball in the Air

Also, police say a man made a lot of bad moves — and drinking from a cell toilet was just one of them

Each week, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs."

Some of the recent reports:

On the Hook: It was bad enough, police say, . But the man allegedly made matters worse when he took aim at the attendant's booth with, of all things, a bowling ball. In this case, it was one strike, you're out. Police arrested the man, after reportedly observing that he looked "overly anxious" (well, one doesn't usually lunge a bowling ball at a gas station booth when one is calm) and was making incoherent statements.  They say the damage topped $5,000.

It's in the Water: Don't get so drunk your girlfriend's worried about you. If you do, don't take her car and drive. If you do, don't take it to a 7-Eleven and demand a bunch of free food. If you do, don't threaten to kill the police officers who show up to deal with you. And if you do all of that, please, please don't drink from the toilet in the cell they put you in. If , there's at least one person who really could have benefited from reading this column before an incident earlier this month.

Talking Turkey Here: Why did the turkey cross the road? We don't know, but three drivers are wishing it hadn't. Medford police say a driver hit a turkey in the road and came to an abrupt stop, prompting a three-car pileup, according to a report on Phillyburbs.com. A second driver had slowed down enough to avoid hitting the first—but a third didn't stop in time to hit the second, which then hit the first, according to the report. One of the drivers was treated for back pain. We imagine none of the parties involved were too happy about the incident—but, chances are, no one was more upset about it than the turkey.

Holy Cow: Well, we can't say we blame him. A cow apparently didn't much like the idea of staying in a slaughterhouse, and broke free, sending police on a chase through the streets of Paterson, according to NBCNewYork.com. Ultimately, the animal was recovered, and an animal advocate took custody of the bovine, so that it can be taken to a Woodstock, New York refuge. "Two of the people at the slaughterhouse helped me," the advocate said. "He didn't seem to like them that much. He tried to kick them. But he was nice to me."

No, No it's Not: Kids today. Bellville police say a 15-year-old boy . He was allegedly standing at the corner of Joralemon Street and Union Avenue when police asked him to move, because school was about to let out. “This is my [explicative] corner, corner,” he allegedly told police. Police, well, disagreed. He was turned over to the Juvenile Bureau and then released to his parents, police said.

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