Berkeley Heights Police Introduce Home, Business Security Program

Home and business owners in Berkeley Heights can schedule an appointment with BHPD for an officer to conduct analysis of current security measures.

The has recently implemented a program conducting home and business security surveys. 

This program is being offered to residents and business owners in the Township of Berkeley Heights.  The program has been formed in an effort to improve the safety and security of Berkeley Heights’ residents and businesses. 

Residents will now have the ability to contact the Berkeley Heights Police Department to schedule an appointment for a police officer to come to their residence and conduct an analysis of their current home security measures and address deficiencies in security.  The police officer conducting the survey will provide homeowners with recommendations that may improve the safety and security of you and your family.

Business establishments in the Township may contact the Police Department to receive an analysis of their store or facility in areas such as crime prevention, security, theft in the workplace, and an opportunity to update emergency contacts and procedures between the business and Police Department.

To schedule a home or business security survey, please contact Sgt. Robert Deitch or Patrolman Nicholas Franks at (908) 464-1111.  You may also send your survey request via email to rdeitch@bhpolice.org or nfranks@bhpolice.org.


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