Police: New Providence Resident Falls Victim to 'Grandma Scam'

New Providence Police Department urges residents to remain diligent about telephone, Internet scams and always confirm a story is true before any money is transferred.

From the New Providence Police Department:

On Sept, 26, a resident of Salem Road reported that she was a target of the “Grandma Scam.”  

A male called telling the resident that her grandson was arrested for driving while intoxicated and needed $1,900 to be sent to pay for his court costs. 

When the resident began questioning the caller, the caller became irate, and had her call a different phone number. He indicated that the phone number was to the Public Defender. 

When the resident spoke to the “Public Defender” and began questioning how legitimate the situation was, this man became irate, too, and hung up on her. 

The New Providence Police Department again urges residents to remain diligent about scams like these and to always confirm the story is true before any money is transferred. 

Residents are encouraged to contact the police department if you have been a victim of a scam or have any questions about these types of scams.

Harris Ruben October 06, 2012 at 01:01 PM
Doesn't sound like she "fell victim." Sounds like she was alert, and wasn't scammed at all.


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