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New Providence Continues October Snowstorm Clean-Up

Borough expects 90% of clean-up effort to be completed by Nov. 15. Until further notice, Lions Park is closed.

The devastating October snowfall that left many residents without power for a week left literally tons of branches and brush in its wake.

Mayor J. Brooke Hern reports that the has worked weekends and overtime daily to clean up the aftermath of the storm, with 5 crews working daily.

Nearly 90% of the clean up effort will be completed by tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 19. Mayor Hern said, “One problem we encountered was the limited availability of private contractors to assist the borough with our clean-up efforts. Most private contractors are too busy with their private work to be engaged with the borough. Fortunately, we were able to find several community-minded contractors who were willing to assist.”

In addition to chippers employed in this effort, the DPW has several crews working with backhoes and dump trucks to remove the debris.

Mayor Hern added, “We have reviewed this situation daily and believe we’re doing everything we can to clean up the mess, while still dealing with the regular work required of the DPW.”

The Department of Public Works will revisit areas of town where they first began the chipping program. Understanding that many residents were forced to leave their homes during the power outage, the DPW will revisit the areas they cleared before Nov. 7.

Mayor Hern said, “Since many residents were not home to clean up their yards while power was out, we will go through those neighborhoods again."

Also, while leaf collection has been delayed, the DPW is trying to clear leaves as well as the branches.

Bob Gelormini, Deputy Public Works Manager, said: “Unfortunately, leaves are at times co-mingled with the branches and brush, making the removal of both more difficult. We are working every day to clean-up the mess from the storm.”

Mayor Hern said, “We appreciate the patience our residents have demonstrated during this crippling storm and the aftermath. While folks may become frustrated with the progress they see in their neighborhoods, please understand that crews are working every day to cleanup the mess.”

Lions Park Closed

Borough officials decided to close Lions Park today due to the damage caused by the October snowstorm. 

Officials stated that damage to trees and branches has created a situation where it is prudent to close the park until the trees can be trimmed and dangerous branches removed. 

The area has been closed with caution tape and barricades to remind residents to keep out of the park. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

Peter November 18, 2011 at 11:46 PM
I think the Mayor and DPW is being quite optimistic when it comes to the percent of the town that is and will be cleaned up. From driving around town today it seems to be less than 50 percent.
Peggy McHugh Hagen November 19, 2011 at 11:39 AM
I think the town has done a great job during and after the storms. From communicating during the outages, to the police, fire and ambulance responding to calls, and now especially the DPW crews working tirelessly to remove the branches and leaves from the curbs. Other nearby towns expect its residents to take care of the removal thenselves.


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