SP Council Appoints Planner for Shack., Clears Way for School at Verizon Property

A rundown of the main items from Tuesday night's meeting of the Mayor and Township Council.

Two weeks after Scotch Plains Mayor Nancy Malool and the Township Council voted 4-1 to declare Shackamaxon Golf and Country Club an "area in need of rehabilitation," they again voted 4-1 at their monthly business meeting Tuesday night to authorize a professional services agreement with Maser Consulting, based in Red Bank. The firm will prepare a redevelopment plan with regard to any potential future development at Shackamaxon, as well as the possible relocation of the Municipal Building, public library, public works yard and other municipal properties. Councilman Mickey Marcus, who opposed the declaration two weeks ago, voted against hiring the planner.  

Here are the rest of the main items from the mayor and council's meeting Tuesday. Stay tuned for more later this week.

Zoning and the Newmark School Malool and the Township Council unanimously approved an ordinance that amends the township's zoning laws to establish special needs schools as a conditional use in the B-1 zone district. The measure clears the way for the Newmark School, a nonprofit with locations in Plainfield and Carteret, to build a special needs school at the former Verizon property on Cellar Avenue. 

Risk Manager Approved Malool and the Township Council voted 4-1 to name Pinnacle Risk Solutions, based in Pine Brook, the township's risk manager. Councilman Kevin Glover opposed the measure, citing the firm's lack of municipal risk management experience compared to other applicants. 

Curbside Yard-Waste Pickup Township Manager Christopher Marion announced in his report that curbside yard-waste pickup will begin Monday, April 25. Residents can begin placing items curbside Friday, April 15.

Parking Restrictions Malool and the Township Council also unanimously approved new parking limitations on Promenade. Parking will now be prohibited on the east side of the street from 8 a.m. to 6 pm. Monday to Friday, from North Avenue to Channing Avenue. The restrictions are aimed at ensuring that visibility remains clear at the Channing and North Avenue intersections, and limiting commuter parking around the bus stop in that area.

Council Opposes Kyleigh's Law The mayor and council unanimously approved a resolution supporting the repeal of Kyleigh's Law, which requires drivers younger than 21 to place red stickers on their license plates. "It makes it easier for criminals and other predators to identify drivers under the age of 21," Deputy Mayor Mary DePaola said. 

Russo Appointed to Planning Board The mayor and council unanimously approved the appointment of Tom Russo to the Planning Board. Russo is a lifelong resident of Scotch Plains, and previously served as the president of the Board of Education, Malool said. The appointment to the Planning Board is unpaid. 

klubkleb March 24, 2011 at 05:30 PM
Have they broken ground at Shackamaxon yet for these new municipal facilities? No? Do you know why? Because it isn't happening!!! Not tomorrow, or next week, or next year or for many years, most likely. Pay attention to what's actually occurring versus what you dream up in your heads! This is all merely contingency plans just in case at some point down the road. If it stays a gold course, then you can stop worrying your pretty little heads.
Scotch Plains Mom March 24, 2011 at 05:43 PM
My original point was somehow lost about 10 posts ago....I was in no way concerned that an actual municipal complex would have ever been built on the Shackamaxon property. It was the use of township funds on an issue that was already resolved, just for future development. It was the hiring of the group to plan this "future" endeavor along with the improper zoning of that area and houses that surround it and the use of our taxes to do this that I was objecting to and still am. The misuse of our tax money is the issue!!!!
klubkleb March 24, 2011 at 07:47 PM
Great misleading headline. maybe they'll let some unicorns loose just to make the fantasy complete
klubkleb March 24, 2011 at 08:43 PM
Not exactly; the tenor of the comments here sound as if Shack is closing OR being taken over by the township and the relocation of the buildings will be happening at some point soon. Nothing is happening. A planner was hired to draw up plans IN CASE Shack is sold down the road (a year, 10 years, 100 years) so that 100 homes don't end up there--giving people something concrete to complain about.
Tina Fairweather May 02, 2011 at 01:51 AM
Spending township funds to study Shack is a waste of our money. Instead of intervening on a private sale which will inevitably happen, the council should focus it's efforts on developing our "downtown" and turning it into a commercially viable and desirable place to shop that will bring more tax money to this town. What we have that needs immediate attention is a commercial strip of nail salons and other visually unattractive storefronts that make one wonder where they really are. The council needs to focus on the immediate needs of this town, on what is necessary, and not on that which will not happen.


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