Berkeley Heights Students Return to School With Fewer Crossing Guards

Traffic study identified crosswalks that do not require a School Crossing Guard be present. Therefore, guards will not be at four street crossings as students return to school today.

Editor's Note: The following information was supplied by the .

At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, which kicks off today, there will not be school crossing guards at certain posts within the Township of Berkeley Heights.

A traffic study was conducted by the Traffic & Safety Bureau examining all existing crossing guard posts. This study revealed that certain school posts do not require a School Crossing Guard be present. In addition to other findings, the following criteria were taken into consideration: whether or not the intersection was controlled by a traffic signal; the amount of pedestrian traffic; and the presence of adequate gaps in vehicular traffic.

Accordingly, the below listed locations will not have a school crossing guard to cross pedestrians:

  • Timber Drive & Locust Avenue
  • Roosevelt Avenue & Little Flower Church
  • Snyder Avenue & Springfield Avenue
  • Plainfield Avenue & Springfield Avenue

The Berkeley Heights Board of Education web site as well as the school notification system was also utilized in order to disseminate this information to parents within the Township.


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