Deerfield Students Learn How To Make Bread and Give Back

Third and sixth graders at Deerfield Elementary School learned how to make bread to donate to St. Joseph's Community Pantry.

Students at Deerfield Elementary School received a lesson in bread making from the King Arthur Flour Company on Jan. 29, while also learning how to give back.

Third and sixth graders had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation by Amy Driscoll of the King Arthur Flour Company on the process of making bread from scratch.

Each student will be sent home with a bread making kit on Feb. 1 so that they can make a loaf of bread and bring it into school on Feb. 4 to be donated to the St. Joseph’s community pantry.

This is the second year that life skills teacher Elena Bentey has coordinated this program with King Arthur Flour.

“I hope they keep on coming,” Bentey said.

Last year the children donated 200 loaves of bread and Bentey hopes they will do the same or even more this year.

Bentey added that the program brings in math, science, art and community service and is just wonderful.

Three of the sixth graders, Diego Lopez, Amanda Carrico and Hanna Nordstrom, were up front with demonstrating with Driscoll the entire bread making process. Towards the end the presentation the students were even taught how to make cinnamon rolls and a pizza.

One aspect of the process that the kids found interesting was when Driscoll used dental floss to cut the cinnamon rolls. They also found it entertaining when Lopez tried flipping the dough to with his fists to make a pizza.

Overall, the Deerfield students seemed excited to get their kits and get involved in the bread making process and several of them made sure they were able to keep some at home too.

Each child will be receiving a kit of two bags of flour, yeast, dough scraper, bread bag, twist tie and a recipe book.

Check out the video for a better look at what the Deerfield students learned on Tuesday.


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