Governor Livingston Hockey: End of One Era, Start of Another

Eight players, who went through the Junior Highlander pipeline, will graduate later this year.

Eight seniors, who were freshman when was ranked among the top twenty teams in the entire state, are now completing in their last hockey season at GL.

They include captains Drew Bobcheck, Drew Miller, and Jake Niemela and seniors Jonah Butler, Pete Gorzelnik, Mike Mazzuca, Matt McAdam, and Andrew Mirabella.

With more than one hundred students at many of the games, the contribution toward student pride in GL is truly appreciated by our community. 

As players move on, the Junior Highlander pipeline continues to provide development opportunities for our youth. 

The Junior Highlander pipeline facilitates and raises awareness of clinics, leagues, and coaches that bring future GL players together in developmental and fun environments for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. 

To get more information on the JH Pipeline, please email rtfindeisen@fedex.com.


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