17 BAC Swimmers Make Top Grades in Pentathlon Meet

The 17 swimmers placed in the top three spots in their selective events at the October meet.

Berkeley Aquatic Club (file photo)
Berkeley Aquatic Club (file photo)
Seventeen young swimmers from the Berkeley Aquatic Club (BAC) excelled at the BAC Pentathlon Swim Meet, held on Saturday, Oct. 26. The 17 swimmers placed in the top three spots in their selective events, according to a BAC press release.

The Pentathlon allows each swimmer to compete in one event of each stroke: free style, breast stroke, butterfly (also known as 'fly'), and back stroke. The swimmer also competes in an Individual Medley (IM), which is one or two laps of each stroke, depending on the distance of the race.

The results for the top 17 swimmers were:
  • David Martinez, 10, of Berkeley Heights, placed second in the 50 free style and the 100 IM.  David took time off in both events from his previous races, including a drop of over 7 seconds in the IM;
  • Bailey Gold, 12, and brother Nick, 10, of Berkeley Heights, both placed well. Bailey Gold placed 1st in the 100 back stroke and 2nd in the 100 fly. Nick Gold placed 2nd in the 50 back;
  • Andrew, Catherine, and Julia Meisner of Berkeley Heights took a number of top places. Andrew Meisner, 12, was 1st in the 50 back. Catherine, 10, placed 1st twice, once in the back stroke and once in the fly. Julia, 10, came in 1st in the breast stroke and the IM . Julia also took 2nd place in the 50fly and the 50 back stroke;
  • Long time BAC team members Karolina, Peter and Thomas Shepanzyk of Berkeley Heights all had top finishes. Karolina, 15, was 1st in the 100 free style and 200 IM. She was also second in the 100 back and 100 breast, while taking 3rd place in the 100 fly. Karolina placed in all 5 events. Peter, 14, was 1st in the breast stroke and 3rd in the 200 IM. Thomas, 12, was 1st to the 100 back stroke;
  • Alan Du, 13, also of Berkeley Heights, was 2nd in the 100 free and 200 IM;
  • Lydia Voss, 12, and Lloyd Goldstein, 15, both of New Providence, placed in at least 4 events. Goldstein was 1st in the 100 free and 100 fly, and 2nd in the 100 back and 200 IM. Voss placed in all 5 vents, 1st in the 50 back, breast and fly and 2nd in the 50 free and 100 IM;
  • Lindsay Rispoli, 13, of New Providence, placed 1st in the three events: the 100 free, the 100 fly, and 200 IM;
  • Gabe Sim, 14, of New Providence placed 1st in the 100 breast  and 2nd in the 200 IM.
Other New Providence swimmers from the BAC swim team also placed in the top three. They include: Elise Debrot, 12, who took 3rd place in the 50 fly; Lexi Ticas, 13, who took 1st place in the 200 IM and Brian Wang who took 1st place in the 50 breast.

Results for the 8 and under Pentathlon swimmers was impressive; those swimmers swam 50 yard races and swam in five events. Six year old Francesca Cignarella improved by 5.14 seconds in the 50 free style and Santino Cignarella, also age 6, took off 7.12 seconds in the 50 free, 3.13 in the 50 Breast, 9.22 in the 50 back and 15.97 in the 100 IM. Simon Stryszak, age 7, took off 4.37 seconds in the 50 breast. A number of 8 year olds also dropped time including: Delany Moynihan 7.11 seconds in the 50 breast and 17.20 seconds in the 50 fly, Sejal Patel 7.86 in the 50 Breast, Megan Szot 4.83 in the 50 fly and 11.74 in the 100 IM, and Margot Callahan 3.08 in the 50 back, 5.39 in the 50 breast, 8.73 in the 50 fly and 19.96 in the 100 IM.   All the 8 and under swimmers who participated in the Pentathlon are to congratulated for being able to swim all these events well be age 8, especially 5 long events in one day.

Swimmers in the 9 and 10 age group were not to be out done. The amount of time the swimmers dropped was very significant. One 10 year old, Ashley Chang, swam 100 yard races, instead of 50 yard races, and took off time in all four 100 yard events: 11.98 in free style, 6:08 in the back, 9.57 in the breast, and 8.49 in fly. Rather than swim the 100 IM, Chang swam the 200 and took off 18.75 seconds. Notable drops in time in the 50 free style included: Avidam Shah 4.94, Rohan Atre 4.97, Michael Speer 6.47, Margaret Zhu 11.11, Stephanie Ticas 10.23, Caroline Rewey 4.44, Aidyn Thompson 6.64 and Ved Bhat 9.26.   The 9 and 10 year olds worked hard with their coach, Tristan Forman, to make these positive achievements.

In the 11 to 12 year old age group Jack Dardis took off 3.55 seconds in the 50 free style, 6.17 in the 50 back, 5.15 in the breast stroke and 6.66 in the 50 fly. Chloe Yang took off 6:15 in the 50 free style, 8.74 in the 50 back, 7.87 in the 50 breast and 11.62 in the 50 fly. In the 100 breast stroke Anshul Kamath took off 15.40 seconds.  In the 50 butterfly Christopher Fabian took off 5.83 seconds and Margaret Zhu 11.11. In the 200 IM Christopher Fabian took off 5.94 seconds, Sujeeth Shanmujam 15.40, Anshul Kamath 22.94 and Caroline Most 17.34.  The time reduction by Kamath of greater than 22 seconds in the IM seems to be the top time reduction for the meet. These results show positive work by all those who improved their times.

BAC  team swimmers ages 13 and over took off time in a number of events. In the 100 free style Charlie Besjak took off 5.09 seconds, Brendon Wilson 7.11 and Arice Chang 10.26. In the 100 breast stroke Patrick Heffernan took off 8.03 seconds and Elaine Shen 11.80. In the 100 butterfly Brendon Wilson took off 4.54 seconds, Asaf Harel 4.02, Malcom Pickering 5.62, Sam Zelnick 5.99 Niyant Narang 7.46 and Peter Shepanzyk 8.10. In the 200 IM swimmers 13 and over who made a strong reduction in their finish times were: Charlie Besjak 5.79, Peter Shepanzyk 5.72, Brendon Lu 10.36, Sam Zelnick 10.51 and Sabrina Tran 11.35.  


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