Local Resident Hosting Blood Drive at New Providence Memorial Library

Blood supplies, donations drop during summer months. New Jersey Blood Services is asking residents to give the gift of life by donating blood, helping transfusion patients.

Rh negative blood is in high demand right now and New Jersey Blood Services is urging the New Providence community to give blood at a community blood drive today at the New Providence Memorial Library.

Every day, there are patients depending on the transfusion of plasma, platelets and red blood cells to stay alive. Unfortunately, blood and blood products can’t be manufactured and can only come from blood donors who take the short amount of time to visit a local blood drive.

“Summer is crunch time for us,” said NYBC Vice President Rob Purvis in a press release. “Potential donors go on vacation and the school term ends. We’re asking people to schedule a blood donation along with their other summer plans.”

Today from 12 to 6 p.m., Michele Sonnet is hosting a community blood drive at New Providence Memorial Library. The drive will be conducted by the NJ Blood Services (NJBS), a division of the New York Blood Center and a non-profit organization that supplies blood and blood components to approximately 60 New Jersey Hospitals.  

If you would like to give the gift of life and donate blood today, remember to bring ID and have plenty to eat and drink prior to donating.

To give blood, you must be in good health, weigh 110 lbs. or more, and be at least 17 years of age (16 with a permission of a parent.)  

Have questions about eligibility to donate blood? Call 1-800–933–2566 or visit www.nybloodcenter.org.

Here are the Top Ten Facts About Our Community’s Summer Blood Supply, courtesy of New Jersey Blood Services:

1.      People with O-negative blood are known as “universal donors” because their blood can be transfused to anyone.

2.      Type O-negative blood is found in just six percent of the population, and is often transfused to patients with other blood types in emergency rooms and trauma situations.

3.      People with Rh negative blood, including A-, B- and O-, comprise just 15 percent of the population.

4.      People of all blood types and ethnicities are encouraged to donate, and are critical to maintaining the diversity of our blood supply.

5.      The months of June, July and August continue to present challenges as schools and colleges close for the summer and employees leave for summer vacations. More than 25 percent of blood donations collected each year come from our high school and college blood drives.

6.      Every two seconds, someone needs blood.

7.      According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), trauma accounts for 37 million emergency department visits and 2.6 million hospital admissions each year, nationwide.

8.      Car accident and trauma victims may need 50 or more blood transfusions.

9.      Police officers can be injured in the line of duty. First responders also face great danger during emergencies.

10.  People can donate one pint of whole blood every 56 days and platelets every three days.

Can't make it to the blood drive today in New Providence? There are plenty more drives coming up this month in Scotch Plains, Elizabeth, Springfield, Clark, Roselle Park, Cranford and Linden.

To donate blood or for information on how to organize a blood drive,

please call Toll Free: 1-800-933-2566 or visit www.nybloodcenter.org.


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